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“An amazingly well-crafted work that benefits women and men. Executives, staff, corporate trainers, and Human Resource managers should lead the way by making clear communication a top priority to improve workplace productivity.”

—Debra Murray, director of human resources, American Gypsum Company.

“This is great work—practical, research-based and fun.  We need to stop "putting up with" gender-based miscommunication. That’s not hard to do by following the process Audrey Nelson and Claire Damken Brown have so capably provided.  It is my hope that everyone takes the time and makes an effort to use this work. If ever there was a strong ROI in time and money, working on gender communication is it.”

—Julie O’Mara, past national president, American Society for Training and Development and best-selling author

"An invaluable resource to help understand the gender communication code. This guide will help both men and women understand underlying differences in communication styles so that work gets done, conflicts get resolved and reciprocal respect prevails in the workplace. Highly readable and engaging.”

—Rebecca Ritter, senior HR business partner, Oracle Corporation

“Just what every man and woman needs to learn for the rules of engagement with the opposite sex. Very appropriate and timely for today’s workplace.”

—Michelle Haines, technical customer management/web analyst, Seagate Technologies

“This guide is a ‘nuts-and-bolts’ approach to enhancing workplace communication between the sexes. It addresses the chronic problems men and women encounter every day.”

—Geoff Simpson, vice president and manager, Standard Steam Trust LLC

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