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About This Book
This book is for anyone who works with the opposite sex. Whether you are part of a management team, in human resources, or develop corporate training, this comprehensive guide will give you smart advice, extensive research, and true-to-life case studies. With self-assessments, experiential exercises, quizzes, and insights from a combined seventy years of training and consulting experience in gender communication, this easy-to-follow guide offers compelling advice that will enhance communication between the sexes and affect the bottom line.

Why Is This Topic Important?
The rules for the workplace are constantly changing, and most of us spend more time at work than we do at home. We rely on communication with the opposite sex to get our job done. The Gender Communication Handbook was written to clarify some of the many questions about gender and how the rules have changed. This book will help individuals thrive in an increasingly diverse workplace and find a common language. Successful gender communication is a business mandate.

What Can You Achieve with This Book?
This book prepares the trainer with a straightforward, easy-to-understand approach to gender communication. Each chapter presents the background for why men and women communicate the way they do and how to improve it. Easy-to-follow, step-by-step exercises and activities are designed for the new trainer, and more experienced trainers will find this a resource for a novel approach with the latest advances, research, and perspectives on gender communication. Take a look inside!

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